Tuesday 19 November 2019

Byjus app Careers

Join india's largest edtech company's media studio in trivandrum. As the world is moving towards the digital age and more and more universities are trying to maximize the use of technology in education, one must consider both the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Although the use of technology in the field of education has revolutionized the way we learn there are still some downsides of relying completely on technology to learn. E-learning systems are the storehouses of information, training and knowledge but at the same time, they could be the storehouses of misinformation, poorly guided training or bad knowledge.

Vacancies List

we are looking for passionate,creative and skilled individuals for 400+ vacancies in


Expert in Ae Nuke in Grading, Matte Extraction, Tracking, Roto, FX

Matte Painting

Professional with a strong understanding of concept,perspective,lighting and colour

Motion Graphics/  2D Generalist

Experienced Professional in Ae and Plugins

Illustration and graphic design

Graphic designer with expertise in stylized art,characters, environments

How to Apply

at biyus.com/tvm-apply or send an email with your resume and portfolio (Subject: TVM APPLY <Name>) to work@byjus.com